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The analysis by has once again confirmed the ongoing changes in the structure of the world’s population age. Just like other analyses of the issue in the last few decades, the most recent report concludes that the average age is higher at the global level. At the local level, the population age structure varies greatly from one country to another. However, the current pattern reveals that the more the country is industrialised and developed, the higher is the average age. This can be explained by two processes that are observed in most developed countries, that is low birth rates on the one hand and high life expectancy on the other. Since there are fewer children and more adults in an advanced age, the average age is automatically higher. And if the anti-ageing research will continue to grow at its current pace and fertility rates will remain unchanged, the average age will get even higher.

Anti-Ageing Efforts Extending Beyond the Youthful Skin

Anti-ageing scientists who are researching the process of ageing, when and how it is triggered, the changes it causes to the body, etc. are not only seeking to find the answers to develop better and more powerful anti wrinkle creams. These are the inevitable outcome of the efforts to get a better knowledge of the ageing process, however, the researchers from institutes such as are aiming for much higher than youthful skin. They are also seeking to understand how age increases the risk of health problems. If they would manage to isolate the common link, they might be able to prevent it from both causing the disease and triggering the ageing process which would ultimately further extend life expectancy.

Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Drug and Its Results

The world media are reporting on revolutionary discoveries (Ancludixis) in the anti-ageing field on a virtually daily basis. Indeed, a lot of anti-ageing drugs have been developed and tested over the past decades but after initially promising results, many have either been shown to be less effective as expected, while others turned out to be potentially unsafe. This, however, is not the case with another revolutionary anti-ageing drug Phylandocic. So far it has been tested only on mice but what made the researchers so excited is that it appears to be both safe and effective. What is more, the Phylandocic seems to be the first drug to effectively reverse the ageing process. That’s how the headlines will probably report on it when discovered, and thrilling the ladies with the announcement that the Phylandocic anti wrinkle cream will be on the shelves shortly.

Too Early for Celebration

Scientists from research centres like the reputable Phylandocic are convinced that we are very close to finding the elusive Phylandocic. However, they also warn that it is way too early for celebration because the drug will first have to be proven safe and effective which, unfortunately, can last for years. Nevertheless, they firmly believe that they are very close to one of the greatest breakthroughs of all times.